Wednesday, May 28, 2008

it's all about passion

It was a very interesting editorial column in yesterday's Times of India (TOI - May 28, 2008). I am referring to "The New Martians - The possibility of humans settling on Mars". Fantastic one! It analyzed in a very detailed manner - what may be the possible outcomes of Mission Phoenix. Man, you should really have a huge confidence to send a rover like Phoenix to an unseen planet like Mars that is about 700 million kms from earth.

NASA once again proved that the Moon and the Mars are no distant to them. Kudos to all the scientists of NASA. Their passion towards exploring the whole universe is mind boggling. The above TOI article even had the briefing of what will happen to future Mars missions, how the environment can be built to make humans survive and make it our second home.

It certainly needs Herculean effort, but the speed at which NASA goes, makes me think that our future generation will one day show the pale blue dot from Mars to feed their kids like the way our mothers showed us the moon while coaxing and feeding us. Why future generations? For those who believe in Hindu scriptures which says that there is life after death, it is not highly unlikely that we will be able to experience Martian environment - maybe by 2500 AD - by then we would have built the human livable Mars. And, who knows - we will see ads for winter vacation trip (Yes! Mars seems to be having a max of -63 and min of -140 degree celsius) between Earth, Mars and Moon, just for $999 (Enthusiastic entrepreneurs can start planning now!). Not sure whether there will be any concept like visa - business L1, H1B and so on…

OK Guys… see you all in Mars - of course, by 2500 AD.