Friday, October 3, 2008

renaming the blog...

This morning just thought about giving a more meaningful name to this blog. A lot of names came to my mind and and then I thought 'I' would be the right name. But, you see, there are lot of restrictions like minimum characters/maximum characters and all and so I is not permitted (even if it is permitted somebody might have taken it by this time). I like mathematics and especially there was a period of time when I loved complex numbers (especially during our Digital Signal Processing days when we learnt FFT and other stuff. Even now I love FFT but these days I have a crush towards DCT which I am trying to understand for my MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, VC1 video decoding stuff). So, square root of (-1) is 'i' :). I tried to get that but blogger gave me "rootofminus1" which is a general way of mentioning 'i'.

So, from today I am root of -1. :)

When I am talking about I, a joke comes to my mind...
Teacher: Hi John, Can you tell me a sentence that starts with I?
John (starting...): I is....
Teacher (interrupting): No John... I should not be followed by is. I should always be followed by am.
John: Ok Teacher! I am the ninth letter in English alphabet.

Good one, right? :D