Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Understand before you comment!

I set the status "உடல் எனக்கு உருகுமாலோ, என்செய்கேன் உலகத்தீரே!" ("My body is melting, what can I do, My World?") in my GTalk and Orkut this week and I had queries from every corner of my friends world - "What's wrong with you dude?".

I tried to explain everyone, but thought I can just publish my comments in a blog instead.

Guys, there is nothing wrong with me... As many of you may know, I love reading literature and divine literature in particular. These days, I am just trying to read through Nalaayira Dhivya Prabandham and I came through this line in one of the paasurams of Kulasekagara aazhvaar's thirumozhi.

குடதிசை முடியை வைத்துக்
குணதிசை பாதம் நீட்டி,
வடதிசை பின்பு காட்டித்
தென்திசை யிலங்கை நோக்கி,
கடல்நிறக் கடவு ளெந்தை
அரவணைத் துயிலு மாகண்டு,
உடலெனக் குருகு மாலோ
எஞ்செய்கே னுலகத் தீரே. (2) (19)

The simplest explanation is "Hey people of the world! I am enjoying the beauty of Lord Vishnu and my body is melting. What can I do?"

So, guys! There's nothing wrong with me and I am doing good! :) :) :)