Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Media = Misleading, ah ??

This month there seems to be a war going on between one of the popular dailies (along with a news channel they own) and Mutalik, the leader of Sri Ram Sena. Here is the background: The group headed by the latter attacked pubs and the people present there in Mangalore. What for? Cultural assassination!!! They went one step ahead and announced that they will humiliate (??) the lovers who are going to enjoy themselves on Valentine's day this year in public places like pubs and restaurants - if they are lucky enough, Sri Ram Sena will get them married then and there. I am OK with media publishing this news and taking it to the people. But, the media is crossing its limits these days writing against this guy (obviously, due to pure business reasons which I will touch in a short while). In response to that, some girl in some part of the country announced that she will send her underwear by February 14 to Mutalik to humiliate him. And, then joined this daily, 'advertising' in the front page about this great girl and her great idea which is worth winning the most prestigious award in the universe, and saying that she is getting support from all other parts of the country from other ladies who are also ready to sacrifice their sacred UW to humiliate him (it can be taken as the headlines as this is going to be of national importance and is going to have a very huge impact in the economic growth of our country, especially when the world is undergoing recession). Then, they went one more step ahead publishing the address of Mutalik's office and asked the readers to send as many UW ("pink" in color) as possible.

I don’t understand what the media and the ladies who are sending their UW have in their mind? Is Mutalik currently in a situation where he can't afford to buy an UW for himself and these ladies think they are doing him great help by sending theirs? Or, is it that, on February 15th, Mutalik is going to sit and count the number of UWs he had received and going to announce it to this daily and the news channel the next day (so that they can sponsor this event for making it a Guinness record)? Or, could it be that, Mutalik is going to use these UWs to decorate his house beautifully? Or, worst case, I can think, these ladies do not know how to dispose their UW and just couriering it to Mutalik? What a non-sense!!! Every such thing is gonna be burning in the fire the very next day. I don't know what humiliation this man (who is a bachelor and is least bothered about this kind of stuff) will receive by getting these UWs.

Now, the business reasons that I hinted above: The daily will not get any news to publish the very next day where they have captured the lads and lasses enjoying in awkward poses, if the latter got scared about the announcement made by Mutalik and his men. And, they are not ready to lose some millions of revenue on this very special day. This daily is happy about portraying the decaying Indian culture (again, for their own sake!!!). And, these ladies not realizing all these facts are going to help this daily (yes, even if they have no news and awkward photos about the Valentine's day hang-outs in pubs and restaurants, they can carry the news of UW and the girls who sent them in the front page, thus making few more millions than what they might have earned with the awkward photos).

Now, I am neither a supporter of Mutalik and his principles (and I am not supporting their attack in Mangalore pubs and their warning for Feb 14), nor a person who is against love. In fact, I like the love portrayed in Indian mythology and other great epics. There is divine love between Rama and Sita, and, Sri Krishna and Radha. There are other famous examples of love portrayed in the lives of Prithiviraj-Samyukta, Nala-Damayanti, Dushyant-Shakunthala and many more. That is also love. I am just against the media (according to dictionary, Media - n. A means or instrumentality for storing or communicating information) crossing its limits of carrying the news and instead, forcing its opinions to the public, misleading and brain-washing them, purely for their own business purposes. Presently they have no other '(head)breaking' news to attract people, and so, took up this UW campaign to attract readers thus ensuring that they don’t sell any less number of copies than what they usually sell. And, ignorant girls are falling as prey to this tactics.

Think about it!!! If you are still ignorant, what you are going to lose is your self-esteem and one small…… You got it!!!