Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yes, My Accent is Real by Kunal Nayyar - A Review

The first thing that will attract you to the book is the front page is Kunal's face showing an unintended innocence - a face that is going to make you get stuck to the book like the Fevicol advertisement that you see in the TV channels. I really don't know under what category should we classify this book? Is it a comedy, a living biography, an emotional narration? Frankly, it is a mixture of everything - like a diary you maintain daily and pick the days that form the highlights, stitch them together and present it as a book.

Not many of us will have events that we can relish from the past. Even if we have, it mostly will be one of the naughty things that we did during the childhood days as narrated by our father or mother. I feel really jealous that Kunal has such a wonderful set of events in his life that he lists throughout the book very rapturously! Even for those of us who don't remember many things, the first kiss would be an unforgettable event :-). Even if you had forgotten (let us assume we had) Kunal will certainly bring back those memories when you read his kiss with Ishani! Okay! :-) (Kissing has some many special places in this book, if that is enough to inspire you to read this book).

If you are interested in dating, Kunal has (a set of well researched) 12 points to help you there as well! The chapter I love the most is "Dinner with Dad" - A neat, to-the-point presentation on the most useful life lessons that one can hear from his father! Especially, "Disarm with a Smile" & Standup when it counts" are peculiar lessons for every one of us on how to handle two similar situations, but not losing our cool & not being disrespected!

I am sure lot of us bobble, and I am sure you will agree by means of bobbling when you read Kunal explaining about bobbling! :-) There are many emotional moments too - like the moment with father before he boards the flight to the US (and he makes it quickly funny by explaining how he was meddling with the TV in the first class coach :-)), and the departing moment with Dziko. Kunal also presents "Always Joy" - the little boy that lives inside him by means of a poem (?!) . Yeah, every one of has this little boy inside us, that we will realize when we read this! Festivals are special and Kunal adds fun in his own way while narrating them too!

The language used in this book is a cool, down-to-earth, easy narration that you will feel that K sits in front of you and narrates you his life (I promise, this is not another office meeting scheduled just immediately post lunch where everyone feels sleepy and watching others to check if he is the only one feeling sleepy)

What do I love the most in this book (and you will too): A Thought Recorded on an Aeroplane Cocktail Napkin - a page that you see once in 20 or so pages, that reflects on life and will inspire you a lot!

I just clarified the doubt that I myself had raised in the beginning of this review - Under which category should I classify this book? I realized that, even if you want to read essays in this book (or pages) randomly, there is no page that is left without having some kind of fun in it, there is no page that will not make you laugh at least to a little extent when you read it, and there is no page where you will not be able to separate Kunal and fun! So, let us classify this book under "Fun, laugh, or whatever makes you happy and feel elated!"

I am pretty sure as you read through the book, you will enjoy as much as I did, recalling the petty instances that happened in your own lives!

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